A bulldozer is one of the enemies in the Blupi games. It appears in Planet Blupi and both sequels of Speedy Blupi.


Planet BlupiEdit

Bulldozers move slightly faster than Blupis and their only way to kill Blupis is by running over them. Bulldozers can also run over small items, destroying them. Not only that, they can pass through the electricity generated by the protection towers. However, they can also run over dynamites and sticky traps, which are their only weaknesses.

A Blupi can also escape from bulldozers by going into his house, riding a vehicle, wearing an armour, or jump across a small gap to another land where no bulldozers are around.

Speedy Blupi I & IIEdit

Bulldozers move slowly on the ground left and right on a fixed movement pattern. Having Blupi touching them will cause an explosion, killing him and destroying the bulldozer. It might be controlled by an enemy Blupi inside, as it's affected by the Recharged Blupi (it shows the death animation of an enemy Blupi).


  • The bulldozer enemy may be a tribute to a Smaky program.