BLP files Edit

BLP files are the file extension where Speedy Eggbert 1/2 games will load images, sounds, music, levels, and player's information.

How to open BLP files Edit

Images can be opened with Microsoft Paint and GIMP. Sounds and music can be opened with Audacity. Levels and player's details can be opened with Hex Editor.

How to save images in 256 color mode Edit

Images can be saved as BLP files in 256 color mode by using Microsoft Paint. However, Microsoft Paint will damage these colors. For Speedy Eggbert 1 players, to convert 256 color mode to true color mode, images can be opened, edited and exported by GIMP as BLP files with a file type "Windows BMP image". Before exporting, check "Do not write color space information". Play the game to see that these images are changed to normal colors.

How to modify the game Edit

Speedy Eggbert 1/2 games can be opened with Resource Hacker. Players can change the cursor, icon, text information, etc.

How to use the xmission cheat Edit

Open Speedy Eggbert 1 or 2, and create a new player profile. Exit the game and open a hex editor such as HxD. Navigate into Speedy Eggbert (1 or 2) > Data, and then open "info00#.blp", where "#" is the index of the player to be edited. Go to hex offset 86 and set it to a non-zero value. Save the file and run the game again. In the top-left corner of the screen, you should be able to see the word "xmission," meaning you can now create world levels, the final level, multiplayer missions, and replay missions.