Speedy Eggbert 2 - The Great Eggscape is a modified version of Speedy Eggbert 2 game created by turnleft. It follows the adventures of red Eggbert (created by PacGuy765), the player character. It can be downloaded from Dropbox.or Mediafire

:Bouns: Pink Blupi Mods (Special) With Kirby Voice) is edited by Somari Taken can be downloaded from Mediafire

Gameplay Edit

From turnleft:

Red Eggbert was looking for treasure when he accidentally got locked inside an abandoned tower filled with hazzards, enemies and treasures! He must use all of his wits and abilities to escape!

Difficulty level: for Eggbert veterans.

Features Edit

There are all original Speedy Eggbert 2 worlds, Dream world and a Library world. It also has golden backrounds (created by RedBlupi) in the game menu. There are no multiplayer levels, unfortunately.